Star Concrete Floor Treatments Reflect Your Image


November 7, 2013   Buildex Calgary

The response of Buildex Calgary attendees to Resina and Crystal Inlay was outstanding. "We are extremely happy with the positive feedback we received at Buildex Calgary. It was confirmation that there is a market for these products and that we are heading in the right direction." Chris Peterson, President.

November 1, 2013   Buildex Calgary

Star Floors is launching two new exciting products at Buildex Calgary on November 5 & 6, 2013.

Resina is a unique, seamless flooring system with the ability to be customizable in the color and pattern. It is only limited by your imagination. This liquid applied floor is self-leveling and can be installed over new or existing concrete and cures within 24 hours.

Crystal Inlay is a polymer modified cement that is inlaid with dazzling gemstones, minerals and glass that creates a sparkling and light radiating surface. It is suitable for both interior installations with an unlimited variety of applications. Although rated for exterior application, Star Floors is currently testing Crystal Inlay's tolerance of Alberta's legendary Chinook freeze/thaw cycle.

February 3, 2009   Consolidated Gypsum - Saskatoon, SK

23,000 sf of black integrally colored concrete was recently ground, densified and polished using the Dayton Superior J-17 DP Diamond Polish System. A medium aggregate was exposed for this large showroom in Saskatoon, SK with Wright Construction acting as the General Contractor.

February 3, 2009   Navi Star - Edmonton, AB

This 150,000 square foot of warehouse had sawcut joints filled and the slab sealed using Pentra-Sil, a lithium based penetrating sealer/hardener. The 17,000 sf truck bay was also coated with a high build urethane coating system to meet this US based companies performance requirement for its Edmonton, AB based facility. Tennant Company products were chosen over the specified product because of its tremendous durability and overall value.

December 1, 2008   Whole Foods Cambie - Vancouver, BC

Star Floors is excited to begin work with Ledcor Construction on this LEED certified project for Whole Foods: the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods with stores throughout North America and the UK. The RetroPlate Polished Concrete Flooring System is an environmentally friendly system that is spec'd in to be installed over 30,000 sf of integrally colored concrete in the main sales area of this high end grocery store. Check back with us in a couple months for a full case study including pictures.